Bay Area Doorway Portals

San José’s Doorway portal is one of several similar Bay Area websites created to simplify the process to find and apply for affordable rental housing. Affordable housing opportunities in other counties can be found at other Bay Area Doorway Portals.

This guide describes affordable housing and how to get into it.

Santa Clara County Affordable Housing Opportunities

View affordable housing opportunities in Santa Clara County.

List of affordable housing opportunities, subsidized homes, and other housing resources.

Find all affordable housing housing in San José with this map.

The Section 8 (Housing Choice) Voucher Program is managed by the Housing Authority in the County in which you reside. Join Housing Authority Interest Lists to let them know you're looking for Section 8 Housing Assistance.

City and Region-related Resources

Homeless Hotline

If you are homeless and seeking help, please contact the Homeless Helpline (operated by HomeFirst):

Call 408-510-7600

Housing Choices provides housing navigation services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities served by the Regional Center.

Submit a request for Housing Choices services

Call 408-498-5777

211 United Way Bay Area Health and Human Services

See all services

See housing related services